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    Why only points not cash credits ?

    Dear Webmaster,
    I have posted many business directories, but there is only points are given to them, not cash credits? There is any wrong with my business posts. Please suggest me.
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    Hello Gautam,
    50% of your posts in Business Section is in pending state because you are not writing in the Running letter. You are not allowed to use all the letters as a capital letters. So,first of all edit all your pending posts and change all the capital letters to the standard english writing Format.

    For getting cash credit,
    You have to write the description with good english and about 5-6 lines of minimum description.If you want to earn good cash credit then Post the information in the following section without copying from other websites. More description can be awarded as good cash credit for the following section:
    1. Write about hotels in Uttar Pradesh.
    2. Write about colleges and Universities and add photos.
    3. Write about resorts in Uttar Pradesh.
    4. Give details about Hospitals.

    You can get cash in any section but these 4 section can give you more cash.

    So, Keep posting and start earning. For any suggestions post it here :

    Pankaj Gupta

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    Dear Pankaj sir
    I have given all the necessary information with my business posts.
    What do you mean by description of the posts? I have fill up all the necessary details and also give the additional information as could as possible.

    With regards!

    Ashish Kumar Choudhary
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    "Everything Happens for the Good"

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    Hello Gautham,

    I have read your posts in the Business Directory section. Pankaj is right. You have not given the detailed description of the business you are posting. It has been clearly stated in the section that the posts with detailed description will be eligible for the cash credits.

    For example you adding schools in the section :

    You can give details about the specialities of the schools like lab facilities, experience level of teachers, basic amenities, and like that. Or how to reach the school etc.

    Hope you understood. In case of any doubts feel free to contact


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    Yes, You are given all the description but the way of writing your description is not good. Let me give you the example:

    This is the description of your post on this link:





    You have to write like this:

    Holy Mission School, Samastipur
    Affiliated to the CBSE,Delhi

    Address:- Tajpur Road,
    Samastipur H.O.,

    Medium:- English

    School Type:- C0-education..

    Now, I hope you have understood. Please edit your posts.

    Thank You.

    Pankaj Gupta

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    Hi Pankaj sir
    According to your advice I have edit all the pending Business posts.
    Please write to me for any suggestion/advice

    With regards!

    Ashish Kumar Choudhary
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    "Everything Happens for the Good"

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    Your pending post is approved. Some are still pending because of less description and details . Please some thing more and tell me .
    Pankaj Gupta

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