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    Active GD - The Ninth Anniversary of Jharkhand

    Hello BSers,

    Welcome to this thread. Just like ISC, we are going to have Group Discussions in BS also, and the topic here is "The Ninth Anniversary of Jharkhand". Here, members can discuss about the following -

    1. What is the condition of Jharkhand after it detached from Bihar?
    2. What is the level of corruption?
    3. On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of Jharkhand, what should we do?

    and many more as such. The topic of the Group Discussion is "The Ninth Anniversary of Jharkhand" because it was November 15, 2000 when Jharkhand was made a separate entity. So, congratulations to all of you on this occasion.

    The active GD participants will be awarded with handsome cash credits, in accordance with the posts they make here.

    Best of luck members. The Discussion starts today itself.
    With pride,
    Gyandeep Kaushal
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    Hi friends,
    Here I would like to say something on 9th Anniversary of Jharkhand.

    History of Jharkhand:
    For a long time, Jharkhand remained the part of Bihar, but after the Independence, the demand for a seperate state of tribals started gaining momentum. The 28th state of Independent India was brought into existence by the Bihar reorganization Act on Nov. 15, 2000- the birth anniversary of the legendry Bhagwan Birsa Maunda. Jharkhand is famous for rich minerals resources coal(32% of india), mica, graphite, gold, silver, bauxite, Uranium, copper(25% of India), etc. Forests and woodlands occupy mor than 29% of the stste, which is amongst highest in India. The industrial city of Ranchi is its capital. Some of the major cities and industrial centres are Jamshedpur, Bokaro Steel City, Sindri, Giridhi, Deoghar, Hazaribagh, Gumla, etc. Jharkhand is also populary known as Vananchal vana plusanchal, meaning lands of woods.

    Corruption in Jharkhand:
    The rank of Jharkhand in corruption is 14. Its parent state Bihar ranked 20 in corruption, i.e, most corrupt state in India.
    Mr Madhu Koda, the ex-CM Of Jharkhand is caught for heavy in Jharkhand. Here I would like to say that his corruption is nothing before so many other corrupt persons/leaders. The only difference that he was caught. In India each and every person is Madhu Koda. The only wants benifits nothing else. Just tell me one thing that a businessman invest money for benifits and in the same our so called NETA are investing in huge at the time of election. If they are doing so what would you expect inspite of Madhu Koda. Congress is also the partner of his corruption. He looted without sharing with congress and so he was caught. The dirty work of Congress. At the local level, the graph of corruption in Jharkhand is very bad. Even local people looting the Jharkhand.

    Be Positive, do Positive:
    At this 9th Anniversary of Jharkhand, I would like to request the each and every people of not only Jharkhand but whole India that try to be the best. Our country is now at growing stage and so help her to grow better. Try to be the honest and do the good works. In this mission, each and every people have to participate. And at last

    "Happy Birthday to Jharkhand".

    With regards!

    Ashish Kumar Choudhary
    Active Member

    "Everything Happens for the Good"

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