What is BiharSpider all about - Read it To Know More

We have currently many members, who have come up here with an idea to contribute to BiharSpider, but still we do not know many things. Many of the members are not acquainted about what BiharSpider, which we call BS in short, is all about. I want to tell and explain it to the fellow members, what BiharSpider is all about.

With innovatory minds like Dr. Sandy, Jose Sir, and Tony Sir, we are helping people who want to know more about a specific state.

The main aim which we possess for BiharSpider is to bring it to such a great level that it tends to turn out to be the biggest directory of Bihar and Jharkhand. We know that Jharkhand is a state which was a part of Bihar earlier, so we have not used the name Jharkhand in the website name and we have tried to keep the name shorter and smarter. Is it now possible to take BiharSpider to the top? Can we really do it? The answer is yes. It can be easily done because most of the members which belong to BiharSpider are from Bihar and Jharkhand. We all know that the indigenous people of any place know about that place better than any other foreigner. We all have that quality. We know about own families and houses better than others, don't we? The similar thing is here even. The members who know well about certain things related to Bihar and Jharkhand are contributing here.

Here the advantage is that the content is being submitted by people who are acquainted with the things. They really know their states, their economic and geographic conditions. They can talk about these things. The most interesting thing about BiharSpider is that it values the work done by our fellow members. It pays them well with it. Now let me give you some points which will help you out to know the aims of this sacred place known as BiharSpider -

# BiharSpider aims to help people with the biggest and the most prominent details related to Bihar and Jharkhand, ranging from problems to the cultural factors.
# BiharSpider aims to let the people know about the different types of Business available in the two states.
# It aims to acquaint people with the hotshot topics of Bihar and Jharkhand.
# It aims to keep the spirit of the members up by respecting their resources and other contributions by allowing them to earn for their posts whatever it deserves.
# It aims to bring out love in the hearts of people of Jharkhand and Bihar, thereby trying hard eradicating the discrimination in the two states.
# On the whole, it aims to be the biggest helping site when it comes about the details related to the two states called Bihar and Jharkhand by proving itself as the biggest directory of Bihar and Jharkhand.

I think that this might be of some help to the new members and this might motivate them to contribute to BiharSpider earnestly.