बिहारस्पाईडर पर राउर स्वागत बा !

Hi friends,

बिहारस्पाईडर पर राउर स्वागत बा !

Welcome to Biharspider

Many many thanks for registering with Biharspider and be a part of this revenue sharing site.

Here I am discussing certain rules for posting any article in Resource/Jobs/Business Directory Sections :-

1.You must not copy any content from any other site and post it in Resource/Jobs/Business Directory Sections or any where in this site. It is the violation of copy right laws.
You may refer to other sites, but you must prepare resources yourself completely in your own words. Even single line must not match/similar.

2.If you post such contents in any section, it may be deleted by us and your resources may not be eligible for gifts, cash payments and AdSense revenue sharing program.

3.Post quality and self-written articles in any section. Words must be correct and there should be no grammatical error.

4.The articles/informations you post in Resource/Jobs/Business Directory Sections must be correct informations. They must not be wrong. If they(articles) are, then they will be deleted.

If you have further any query then post it under Fourm Section. We will try to solve it.