Fair Practice in Government Work Fair government work now in Jharkhand

Dear People of Jharkhand,

We could now expect a fair practice in government work. The people of Jharkhand have a meaning to say yes, This newly formed government will now focus more to the public work and keep fair his ministerial work. The moral pressure will work more than the self interest over CM in the forthcoming period. This will be more stable than any other previous government.

Its time now to prove ministers themselves how fair they are. The people of Jharkhand now no more patience to bear the corruptions with in government and government work.

We must now see the alternatives, how government servant should be responsible for their work. How ministers should be accountable to it.

Enough is enough, the corruption must be checked-out rapidly. The accountability must be re-changed from its present definition.

The people must use their RTI Act to prove their share in government. The Ministers and government servant must be ruled not by themselves but by the people in its true sense.

Its now pathetic situation, the entire system seems corrupted and no one is there within government to check it.

Lets join hands common people and lets prove your power how we can check corruption very effectively not by government but by people in its real meaning.

I await your waking-up from this sleep.

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