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    Expectations from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

    People from Bihar gave a clear cut verdict and going ahead from Cast, religion and other factors, Bihar voted for development.

    Nitish Kumar had made us proud and now we are proud to say that we are from Bihar. Bihar people have lots of expectation from Nitish Kumar. Some want a perfect law and order, some want financial growth of Bihar, while some wants good education and other infrastructure.

    As a responsible citizen of Bihar, what is your expectation from Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.
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    Electricity,Quality Education, generation of Employment oppurtunities by establishing industries and improving agriculture pattern.

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    Hi Sandy sir,

    I has been very nice to see Nitish kumar win and become the CM of bihar for the second time. He has been selected breaking all the barriers like cast, creed, gender and everything, which means that bihar is moving in a positive direction and that direction is direction of development. We definitely want him to carry on the good work which he stated and get complacent seeing such a huge majority of votes.
    I just want to wish him all the best to carry on the good work.


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    One Humble Requset Here to the Spider User here.Please Do not Duplicate the topic.
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    The topic of Mr Nitish Kumar is already been published and most of us discussing about him there.Please do join to the same topic It will be good to see your views there let others know about or views.

    Please check the forum first to discuss anything .

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    I have learnt from one of my friends in Bihar that the condition of power supply is terrible these days and people are having long phases of power interruption. If this goes on this will seriously hamper the industrial and economic growth of the state which is not desirable under any circumstances. These long hours of power interruption will also cause inconvenience to the students, keeping in mind that it is the examination season. So I think Bihar's new chief minister should do something regarding this and the hours of power cut must come down if cannot be eliminated at all.

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    I do agree with you mam, And really the situation of the power in Bihar is very poor. But we should not forget that the power plays an important role in the development of a state as everything is dependent to power now a days, so i too think before anything else we should have proper power distribution and the availability of power.


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    Yes Jeevan, I agree with you that power today is the power or key to everything else so recent electricity problem in Bihar is the foremost thing that the new Chief Minister should concentrate on.

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    Good to hear this from You Guys.
    Yes,Electricity In Summer is obviously a greatest challenge for any minister in any state. We should not forget this first.But I must say we should support the govt first on this.What I am expecting from the people from Bihar is STOP Hooking the Electricity.I want each people should get aware and use the proper electricity,they should know how to save power if not in use.On the other side Govt should facilitate more to the people. But in short term we will not get any fruits they should go with existing power supply or them may increase a bit. But going forword in future Mr Nitish has to deploy some more PowerPlant or he has to starst new projetc to eliminate the current problems.
    Electricty and Water are two mandatory things that each one of us require.
    CoOP with Govt.

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