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    Resource Contest - Apple iPhone 5 India (Updated)

    Hello BiharSpider friends,

    It is time for another contest now. To make you get some exciting cash prizes, we are here with another contest. This is a resource contest.

    The topic for the resource contest is Apple iPhone 5 in India.

    Members may post resources in the resource section with the following exemplary titles -

    1. Apple iPhone 5 in India Review and Specifications
    2. Apple iPhone 5 in India Price
    3. Apple iPhone 5 in India Price and Availability
    4. Best Features of Apple iPhone 5 in India
    5. Apple iPhone 5 in India Wishlist
    6. Apple iPhone 5 in India with Airtel
    7. Apple iPhone 5 New Features and Technical Specifications

    The above mentioned titles are just examples. You may like to post with different titles too. All the entries will be awarded with good cash and points. Also, members need to post a hyperlink to their entry in this forum thread with the title of their article as the anchor text of the hyperlink (using a href tag of HTML)

    Things to keep in mind

    1. The title of the resources must contain the following words - Apple, iPhone 5, India
    2. Copy paste is strictly not allowed.
    3. The format of writing should be clean and clear. ALL CAPS, ..... //// and things like SMS language is not allowed.
    4. The winners will be decided on the following criteria - the number of posts given by one single members, the quality of the resources posted by the members, the optimization done by the member in their posts.
    5. Members may post more than 1.

    Prizes for the contest

    We are keeping 3 prizes for the contest -

    First Prize - Rs. 200 with 200 points
    Second Prize - Rs. 150 with 150 points
    Third Prize - Rs. 100 with 100 points

    We are not announcing the closing date for the contest now, but might close it anytime. So hurry to grab the cash!!!

    Update: The BiharSpider admins' board has decided that we will end up with only one or two awards if the entries fail to meet the standard and in case there is less participation.

    Best of luck.
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    Hi sir,

    Really this is a great contest i would like to know that whether or not this contest is active now. As i am very excited to write about Apple iphone as i am the user of this product.

    Thank you very much sir for such a great contest, Just looking for the similar contest ahead.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hello Jeevan,

    This contest is still active. We have not announced the last date for the contest yet. You can still participate in the contest, write good articles on Apple iPhone 5 and grab the cash prize.

    Best of luck.


    Quote - It is said that often a coincident is a sign from the powers of nature. If you are seeing my posts in this site somehow, please love to join.

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    Thank you very much sir, I am very excited to write as much as i can, and i do believe that this is the good platform to show our potentials. It is such a great place i am with you sir i just want to see the development in our lovely state and i think we can contribute a lot to make our Bihar the Best.


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    Hello Gyandeep Kaushal,

    I do not really get what is the relation of Apple iPhone with Bihar and Jharkhand. As far as I understand, this is a global gadget related topic and this should not be encouraged in BiharSpider. Since BiharSpider is a website related to Bihar and Jharkhand, we should only give priority to topics related to Bihar and Jharkhand only. If we continue to write good and valuable articles on Bihar and Jharkhand in BiharSpider instead of focusing on topics irrelevant to the site, it will give more reputation for the website to the search engines.

    On the other hand, if we continue to post one and all in BiharSpider, especially things that are in no way connected to Bihar and Jharkhand, that will seriously harm the reputation of the website in the long run. So I strongly suggest you discontinue with this particular resource contest in BiharSpider. Instead of this, we can have a resource contest with topics related to Bihar and Jharkhand.

    I would like to draw the attention of the Webmaster of BiharSpider Mr. Vimal to this issue and act accordingly. Forgive me if I am wrong.

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    Yes Bhakti Ji, you are right, this is not at all a good topic for a resource contest in BiharSpider.

    We are discontinuing with this resource contest. Instead of this, we will announce a resource contest related to Bihar and Jharkhand sooner or later.

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    Hello Webmaster,

    Thanks for your concern and thanks for considering my suggestion. Yes it will be better to have a resource contest related to the states of Bihar and Jharkhand instead of gadgets which have no value in BiharSpider.

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