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    How Jharkhand will progress?

    Guys, Have you bored with this question?
    Yes You should be. Its been 10 years for jharkhand to get build up but I do not see any good progress/development in the state. People in jharkhand are in the same situation as they were earlier. Then what is the point if it is having rich set of resources,I must say all this are garbage if it is having no use.

    Here I need your opinion how we can build our own Jharkhand as other developed state.Which are the areas we have where jharkhand govt should focus? How all thos can be implemented?

    common guys,lets do something for our people. Lets change the state to grow our country.

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    Hai Pranesh,

    I just appreciate you for your thinking and worry about your state. This is the fact that Jharakhand is full of all resources. If the minister wants they can develop in the way they want to develop the state. But alone ministers or government can not do much. They need proper support and torture from the public of Jharakhand. One thing which i believe there is jharakhand no where, Jharakhand is you so if you want to develop your state, the people of the jharakhand will have to change or the they will have to develop then the state jharakhand will be developed automatically.


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    Jeevan, this is not mine or Your State(YOU should not Use this word) as we people are Indian.India will grow if all its states grows,states grows if all its city grows and this chain continues to village and finally to people of India. Thats why it is called Incredible India.
    I do not agree your opinion towards ministers as everyone know how they are ruling out the India only few of them are honest.

    I am expecting what you can do for Jharkhand(Do not write hypothitical answer,be honest and frank which you can do to make jharkhand proud).

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