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    Do Not Forget to Celebrate Mothers Day This Year

    Do you know when do we have Mother's day?
    No !!!?? Shame shame shame...
    I know most of the people do remember Valentine Day to Wish their Lovers But how can you forget Your Mother Yaar.The Name itself is so great. Speak out the name Maa and do realise how it sounds....Millions of love and affections Right. If you speak the Name MAAA it gives you thousand of relaxation,calm and happiness which help you to know that you are not Alone.

    This Forum is open to write the most memorable day you have spent with your MOM and to discuss how it feels to you and to others if you be with your Mother. Please write all your sweet memory and let others know How Sweet it sounds.

    Humble Request to all you guys : Do celebrate the Mother's Day this year.Plan some surprise for your mother give some gifts and hung out some where Also see how your Mother feels if you do something a small bit for her.

    We celebrate Mothers Day On Second Sunday in the month of May every year ie 08 May 2011.
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    A very good touching Story : Maa Ka Dil(A beautiful Heart Of Mother): On Mother's Day Special Episod.

    There was a mother having a very handsome,innocent and obedient son living together in a very small town.Son was very close to his mother. They do not miss the chance to spent time together whenever they find some. They were careing each other very very much. Days was paaing hapily. One day Mother has realised that his son is crossing his marriage age so why can't I look a girl for him.But on ther other side she was unaware about the daily routine of his son. He was diverted from his path and lost of his way and started with the bad habits.He used to smoke , drink and above all used to go to Vesya's ADDA .He falls in love with one of the prostitute there and meets her regularly.He was started loving her very much more than his Mom also finally losses his careness about his mom.
    One day that prostitue asked a question to his son. How much do you Love me?
    He thought for some time and answered more than my mother.
    Then she asked can you get heart of your mother for me?
    He said why not and went to his mother and asked her to give her heart. When his mother knew about all these she coudnot stopped crying and said to her son:" Thik hai Beta tumhare khushi agar issi me hai to khushi se mujhe markar mera heart usse de do".
    He killed her and got the heart of mother and came to that prostitute and said My Beloved look what I got for you. Please take this and marry me. Prostitute answered Wauu but I cannot take it.I cannot trust you as you have killed your mother to whom you were loving more than this world So at any day you may kill me.Go Away and went back. By getting this unexpected answer he felt down there and the heart of his mother felt on the other side.
    He started crying then A voice came from heart of his mother : Beta kahin tujhe chot to nahi laggi, tum thik to ho na beta?"

    This is how your mother cares for you.

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    This is a great thread, All the mothers will give you the best wishes and blessing to you, for remembering her child about mother's day. Thank you very much for such sort awareness which should be the great celebration here and there as it concerns with Mothers.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Thanks buddy.
    But this is not much.I want each one of you to share your feelings/Memorable moments/Plans on this coming Mothars day/bit or more about mother.

    Please continue spreading this thread and It is for your mother to make happy so every one should have something to write for their MOM.
    In otherside I expect from Mothers also(If anybody are in Spider) to write how important is their child is.

    Please do casecade this.

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    Yes I am going to visit my mother in person and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. Last time I was not well and I could not visit her in person so this time I would definitely like to take the opportunity. I missed it last time and do not want to do so this time.

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    First of All Happy RamNavmi to You All.
    Cheers and have lots of Fun.

    I do not see any thread related with this festival so writing out here.Can I expect that you all busy in celebrating the Navmi Pooja with long long flag of Bajarangabali. Yes I am true.We should celebrate this fest on this peakest.

    Lets distribute the Prasad.

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    Thanks Bhakti for your wonderful thoughts and plans. It is a very good chance and a good time has came for you to celebrate Mothers day with her.She will be very very happy on this world.Lets surprize with some gifts or other things whatever you can do for here and make her smile more and more.

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