Partnership share for April 2011

As per our announcement New Partnership scheme of BiharSpider, 2 members have qualified for partnership share for the month of April, which have minimum eligibility criteria 100 points with 50% points from resource section. Total points scored were 374. Total 728.00 Rs was to be shared for a minimum total of 1500 points, but as total points scored by eligible members was only 374 so only Rs. 182.00 was shared and remaining Rs. 546 remained undistributed. A bit more activity by same member or other members would have given more shares.

Vimal - Rs. 133
Bhakti Sarkar - Rs. 49

I will like to a special mention of Bhakti Sarkar Ji, who in her first month at Biharspider made her presence felt and conrtibuted some very useful articles and at the same time also became eligible for revenue share for the month of April