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    New Drafts feature introduced at Biharspider

    Toady we are adding one feature to members profile page at Biharspider where members can save the the incomplete article and can also get the editors or seniors members advice on that by posting the link in the forum section. This will help members in many ways like

  • To save a note of anything to develop later.
  • A sudden power cut or an emergency call or interruption while writing and posting the article.
  • For getting suggestions / assistances from editors or senior members. Generally, we would prefer new members to save their articles as drafts first and get any suggestions from editor or senior members to improve it. However if the member is confident he or she can publish the article at first go.
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    This is really a very helpful tool for the resource writer. We hope that members will use it. This is really an awesome box, which is a kind of portable incomplete article. I am sure this will be very useful for all the members of this spider.

    With Regards,

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    Hi Vimal,
    Thank you for this new feature. I am also coming back to BiharSpider soon.

    With regards!

    Ashish Kumar Choudhary
    Active Member

    "Everything Happens for the Good"

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    This is a useful section for the member who are confuse about posting an article in the resource section.

    They author can render help from the senior members of the site for redrafting the article.

    This will help you comb the article from good to better and eventually earn more credits and generate more revenue.

    This section helps in bonding the members to a better understanding and help the site in longer run for the future.

    N Naqvi

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    Hello Nadeem,

    Yes Indeed. This will definitely help new members. But the sad thing is no one has come forward to take the advantage of this brilliant opportunity.


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    Hello Vimal,
    I have seen that the members on this site are too slow to respond.

    You as the WM must think of some innovative ideas to make the members actively participate in here.

    When the members will start to interact then only the site will have the benefits and so will the members as well.

    You should announce a competition in resource section. This site has Hindi post also if I am not mistaken. This will help them to post. Do something urgently.

    N Naqvi

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    Hello Nadeem,

    Thanks a lot for showing concern in this regard. I have tried everything which can be done to attract more and more members towards this site. But if nobody is interested, you can't help that. I mean what we are sharing 50% of the site revenue with members. What else can you suggest. AS far as announcing a contest in resource is concerned I have also tried but to no avail only myself and 1 more members participated in that. So it is like running in a race alone. So even if you win that race there is no sense of achievement.


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    Hello Vimal,
    Necessaity is mother of all inventions!
    Keep on trying some or the other thing might click. I think that there is answer to every question in the resonaunce of the atmosphere and the remedy will come in.
    Bible say, "Knock and it shell open unto you and seek and you shall find," thus we should keep on trying all the things some or the other might click or break the shell.
    All the best!

    N Naqvi

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    Hello Nadeem,

    Thanks for your kind words. I will definitely try to think new ways of achieving this.


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