Sawan is coming, what happens in Bihar

Hanuman in lockup for 15 year in Bihar
This article has been written to let the people know about the incident which happened in Bihar. This incident is a very different in its kind as the God was in prison for 15 year. This is an incident of Gundi village in Bhojpur district of Bihar.

Dear Friends,
I have only visited Bihar in 1991 which is long time. In this long period all have been changing all over and the state of Bihar is also progressing rapidly. I don't want to get into this discussion here.

But the question which I want to ask the people of Bihar is that everywhere in north India the people are celebrating Sawan the Hindu month of rain. In Mathur at the Baken Bihar Mandir the celebrations are rich and pious which enters your soul.

I have been visiting places in the month of Sawan to enjoy the celebrations but about Bihar I have no knowledge. Will anyone be kind enough to just write a brief on the celebrations of sawan in Bihar?