Reservation -- should be followed or not to be

Reservation word which is also called 'aarakshan' in Hindi means to secure or to secure something for someone.After independence,India constructed it's own constitution.It has many articles and is said to be the lengthiest constitution of the world.Reservation is very important in India as it gives the opportunities to backward communities like schedule caste, schedule tribes and other backward classes.
On personal level, what we are promoting on name of reservation is untouchability and secularism.Reservation once again reminded so called 'kattartaa' of sharma, verma, gupta etc.Reservation is giving a challenge to hard-work and competition.Communities which come under reservation policy are thinking that why should they work and earn when they are getting everything free of cost.They are avoiding hard work and competition. Communities which are capable of earning are participating in riots to register their communities under reservation policy.
Any independent nation cannot be called developed until the don't get basic needs like shelter, food, clothes.In true words, it can't be called independent.If we see from eyes of reservation, those communities will be definetley get benefit who are living their lives under poverty line and are extremely poor.By following reservation policy we shouldn't think about untouchability and secularism.if reservation is neede for backward communities , then it should be provided for betterment of that communities.If it is followed nicely then it can fight those evils of nation which we have to face in our every day life.