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    How to improve the Communication Skill

    The education system of our country is very traditional. Because, our country has divided into various states. Each states has own language. For example the language of Karnataka is Kannad .similarly the native language of Bihar is Bhojpuri whereas the native language of Jharkhand is Nagpuri. So, we have long gap of communication. If you have any idea about improving the communication skill in native language of Bihar Jharkhand the please share with us
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    I think every human got the skills to communicate, As far your query concern I do not think any body needs to develop the skills of their own native language. It's human nature to learn the thing from his/her environment. If we are born in any state, we would automatically learn our mother tongue.
    Yes, I would recommend you all to learn or develop the skills which can make you talented to communicate with this world. Of course, English is the one most popular and needed so one should try to learn and skill the communications in English which is really useful. And there are many factors and tricks which can help you to learn any language.
    1. You can watch the movie in that language.
    2. Listen music/news
    3. Read newspaper/books/magazine/articles.
    4. practice makes a man perfect so practice what ever language you want.

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    Hello Friends,

    Yes very correct answer provided by Jeevan. When I was young I was we were often advised by our english teachers and our principals that we should watch English news and read English newspaper. I think these two can greatly help us improve our skills in English language which is global language and is widely spoken across the world.


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    @Dear Vimal and Jeevan
    It is right. But in this threat my question is how to improve communication skill in Native languages like Bhojpuri, Nagpuri etc. So, give me ideal about improvement in mother languages

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    Hello Phagu,

    Its my opinion that since a person uses his or her native language or mother tongue most frequently, he will most comfortable in communicating in his native language. However if anybody still wants to improve his communication skills in his native language, the best way to do it is to talk with people. The more you talk with people, the more comfortable and confident you get in talking in any language. I think this is the best way to improve communication skills in any language.


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    Human is a social being and the first and very effective lesson one can learn from their surroundings and society. If you are having difficulty in speaking your own native language, This is not a good sign of your personality. Never the less, just get involve with your family members and friends, you will learn and learning/understanding/implementing/expressing up to a level is what communication.

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