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    Could you breif me about Partnership Share

    Dear Webmaster,

    In section of announcement I have seen some articles regarding Partnership Share. I read articles but couldn't understand properly. Could you brief me more about Partner ship share.

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    Hello Arvind,

    We share 25% of the amount earned by this site with the members every month. For that you have to be eligible for that by posting contents of more than 100 points. Total minimum points against which revenue share is calculated is 2000. So suppose you contributed posts worth 2000 points and 25$ of sites revenue comes to Rs. 1000. So you will get Rs. 1000 as revenue share.


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    Dear Webmaster,

    Thanks for sharing valuable information with us. I will do my best to achieve more point and help to increase revenue so that I rewarded with more cash and point.

    Thanks & Regards,

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