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    Why it is taking much time to approve my resources

    Dear Webmaster,

    I have submitted two resources in resource section before 2 days. But still there are showing pending for approval. Please let me know how long it will take to approve.

    With Regards,
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    Hello Arvind,

    I like said in response to one of your queries about time taken for approval of resource. I said that it takes about 1-2 days for approval of any article. Your article was submitted on 27th. 29th is not finished yet so, is not have been even 2 days. So have some patience, it will be approved as long as it is good enough, with no copy pasting.

    Also, I would like to suggest, that use of bold tags is not done judiciously and it is excessive too. For example "personal interview, name of post, email ID, 18 to 28 years etc" are made bold. Which is of no use. I don't want to discourage you. You are doing a very good job. However, you should have a look at other articles as sample. You can ask me if you have any queries. Also your second article on fire. I approved it because you have put some effort in writing it. However, from now please write only articles related to Bihar or Jharkhand. Avoid such common articles. Such articles may be written at ISC.

    I will also suggest you to open a gmail account, so that I can guide you online. I see a great prospect in you. keep up the good work. I have done some modifications in your resource. Now you can compare the article written by you and now how it is and learn from every new article.


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    Thanks for your valuable suggestion. I will keep in mind resource section before posting any resource. I have also seen modifications in my resources done by you. Thanks for your support and encourage for writing.

    I have already got Gmail account ID that is and I will be more than happy to learn from you.

    With Regards,

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