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    All the questions posted by me in question bank section were rejected. why?

    I posted 5 questions in question bank section but they were rejected by you. What is the reason behind that? I am very disappointed from you. This is not what I was expecting when I joined biharspider.
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    Hello Balakrishna,

    Its nice that you joined Biharspider. But you probably started on the wrong foot. The first article posted by you was a copy paste from India study channel. Do you deny this fact? If not what is the credibility of those questions posted by you. I have nothing personal against you. If you are truly interested, try to post some genuine articles. Also if you feel that those questions were not copy paste from anywhere, I will review them once again. I hope you got my point. Feel free to clear your doubts.


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    Sorry sir, you are absolutely right that my first article was copied from indiastudychannel. I accept my fault. Next time I will remember not to repeat such a mistake again. I am extremely sorry for that. But the 5 questions posted by me are genuine as I have taken them from the previous years entrance exams in which I appeared couple of years ago. Please review them once more. Will I get money for those questions or only points?

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    Hello Balakrishan,

    Its good that you accepted your mistake. That is a good sign. We all do mistakes, but to accept that is what takes us towards improvement. I will review your questions again, but I am sorry to say that you will not get any cash from those questions. Cash is generally given for articles. But these questions will earn you good money through adsense. So don't just concentrate on short term cash crdeits but also concentrate on long term adsense revenue.


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