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The ionic compount, Barium sulphate is insoluble in water due to:ChemistryAptitude Test
Magnesium does not decompose the following:ChemistryAptitude Test
The element having atomic number 56 belongs to:ChemistryAptitude Test
In which of the following processes, fused sodium hydroxide is electrolysed at 330 degree celsius temperature for extraction of sodium?ChemistryAptitude Test
Magnesium and Lithium are similar in their properties due to:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which alkali metal has the biggest tendency to break the ions in half reactions?ChemistryAptitude Test
Solution of Sodium metal in liquid ammonia is strongly reducing due to the presence in the solution of the following:ChemistryAptitude Test
The best characteristic feature of an alkali metals is:ChemistryAptitude Test
The reaction of Sodium and Potassium is always:ChemistryAptitude Test
The lightest metal among these is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which alkali metal is most metallic in character?ChemistryAptitude Test
The word 'Alkali' in Alkali metals indicatesChemistryAptitude Test
The strongest reducing agent of the alkali metal ChemistryAptitude Test
The structure of Hydrogen Peroxide ChemistryAptitude Test
Best scientific method of test the presence of water in a liquid is:ChemistryAptitude Test
The reagent commonly used to determine the hardness of water titrimetrically is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Temporary hardness of water can be removed by:ChemistryAptitude Test
Ortho and Para hydrogen atom differs in:ChemistryAptitude Test
In the crystal of Cesium chloride, the nearest neighbour of each cesium ion is:ChemistryAptitude Test
The correct statement regarding F-Centre is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Point Defects are present in:ChemistryAptitude Test
Absence of one cation and one anion in crystal lattice is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Due to Fenkel defect, the density of ionic solids gets:ChemistryAptitude Test
The flame colours of metal ions are due to:ChemistryAptitude Test
Frenkel and Schottky defects are:ChemistryAptitude Test
Schottky defect defines imperfection in lattice structure of:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which one of the following metal oxide is antiferromagnetic in nature:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which substance will conduct current in the solid state?ChemistryAptitude Test
Piezoelectric Crystals are used in:ChemistryAptitude Test
What type of solid crystals will conduct Heat and Electricity?ChemistryAptitude Test
Which one of the following shows electrical conduction?ChemistryAptitude Test
Certain crystals produce Electric signals on application of pressures. This phenomenon is:ChemistryAptitude Test
One among the following is an example of ferromagnetic compoundChemistryAptitude Test
Value of Heat of Fusion of Sodium Chloride isChemistryAptitude Test
Quartz have a crystalline variety of ChemistryAptitude Test
The characteristic features of solids ChemistryAptitude Test
Which of the following is also known as Milk of Magnesia?ChemistryAptitude Test

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