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The maximum value of |z| when the complex number of z satisfies the condition |z+2/z|= 2 isMathematicsAptitude Test
There are 100 students in a class. In an examination, 50 of them failed in Mathematics, 45 failed in Physics, 40 failed in Biology and 32 failed in exactly two of the three subjects. Only one student passed in all the subjects. Then the number of students failing in all the three subjectsMathematicsAptitude Test
If z-1/z+2 is a purely imaginary, thenMathematicsAptitude Test
4 speakers will address a meeting where speaker Q will always speak after speaker P. Then the number of ways in which the order of speakers can be prepared isMathematicsAptitude Test
The number of diagonals in a regular polygon of 100 sides is?MathematicsAptitude Test
If 2/3 of A = 75% of B = 0.6 of C, then A:B:C isMathematicsAptitude Test
Four bells ring at intervals 4, 6, 8 and 14 seconds. They start ringing simultaneously at 12:00 O'Clock. At what time will they again ring simultaneously ?MathematicsAptitude Test
Divide 372 into five parts in continued proportion so that the ratio of the sum of the second and fourth parts to the sum of the third and the fifth parts is 1:2. Identify the numbersMathematicsAptitude Test
HDFC bank offers a 1 year loan to a company at an interest rate of 20% payable at maturity, while Citibank offers on a discount basis at a 19% interest rate for the same period. How much should the HDFC bank decrease/increase the interest rate to match up the effective interest rate of Citibank?MathematicsAptitude Test
The quantity of water which flows through a pipe is proportional to the square of its diameter. If a pipe of cm diameter can fill a tank in hour, how long would 3 pipes of 1, 2 and 3 cms diameter together take to fill it?MathematicsAptitude Test
X and Y are two stations 500km apart. A train starts from X and moves towards Y at the rate of 20 km/hr. Another train starts from Y at the same time and moves towards X at the rate 30 km/hr. How far from X will they cross each other?MathematicsAptitude Test
22/7 is __________MathematicsAptitude Test
Π (pi) is __________MathematicsAptitude Test
Making a comulative frequency chart is most helpful in finding the ____ of a given statistical data.MathematicsAptitude Test

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