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The maximum value of |z| when the complex number of z satisfies the condition |z+2/z|= 2 isMathematicsAptitude Test
There are 100 students in a class. In an examination, 50 of them failed in Mathematics, 45 failed in Physics, 40 failed in Biology and 32 failed in exactly two of the three subjects. Only one student passed in all the subjects. Then the number of students failing in all the three subjectsMathematicsAptitude Test
If z-1/z+2 is a purely imaginary, thenMathematicsAptitude Test
4 speakers will address a meeting where speaker Q will always speak after speaker P. Then the number of ways in which the order of speakers can be prepared isMathematicsAptitude Test
The number of diagonals in a regular polygon of 100 sides is?MathematicsAptitude Test
Recently Defence Minister A.K.Antony visited to which country where a National Defence Force hospital "SENAHIYA" is opened with the assistance of India?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
How many Lok Sabha seats belong to Rajasthan? General KnowledgeAptitude Test
The brain of any computer system is Computer SkillsAptitude Test
CD-ROM stands forComputer SkillsAptitude Test
A General available CD can store data Computer SkillsAptitude Test
Punch card is an example of Computer SkillsAptitude Test
Who invented razorGeneral KnowledgeAptitude Test
What is the input device in the computer?Computer SkillsAptitude Test
Behaving in a ____________ and serious way, even in a __________ situation, makes people respect youEnglishAptitude Test
Who was the country to win the first football worldcup?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Who is the first president of Nepal?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
If 2/3 of A = 75% of B = 0.6 of C, then A:B:C isMathematicsAptitude Test
Synonym of <b>Arbiter</b>EnglishAptitude Test
Four bells ring at intervals 4, 6, 8 and 14 seconds. They start ringing simultaneously at 12:00 O'Clock. At what time will they again ring simultaneously ?MathematicsAptitude Test
The first Tirthankara of the Jain was :General KnowledgeAptitude Test
The book "The God of small things" is written by :General KnowledgeAptitude Test
10 Degree Channel Separates which of the two Lands..General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Who is known as father of Plastic Surgery...General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Which is the largest Telecom Operator of the World in terms of the Subscriber base...General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Jim Corbett National Park was earlier known as... National Park.General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Which was the first Credit Card introduced in India...General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Who was the first female Indian film director...General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Pharao's Chicken is a type of ...General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Which was the first bank to introduce ATM's in India...General KnowledgeAptitude Test
The STATUE OF LIBERTY was gifted to United States by People ofGeneral KnowledgeAptitude Test
The codename of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945General KnowledgeAptitude Test
The RAZMANAMA which was compiled by Several Persian Scholars was a translation of ....General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Divide 372 into five parts in continued proportion so that the ratio of the sum of the second and fourth parts to the sum of the third and the fifth parts is 1:2. Identify the numbersMathematicsAptitude Test
The ionic compount, Barium sulphate is insoluble in water due to:ChemistryAptitude Test
Magnesium does not decompose the following:ChemistryAptitude Test
The element having atomic number 56 belongs to:ChemistryAptitude Test
In which of the following processes, fused sodium hydroxide is electrolysed at 330 degree celsius temperature for extraction of sodium?ChemistryAptitude Test
Magnesium and Lithium are similar in their properties due to:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which alkali metal has the biggest tendency to break the ions in half reactions?ChemistryAptitude Test
Solution of Sodium metal in liquid ammonia is strongly reducing due to the presence in the solution of the following:ChemistryAptitude Test
The best characteristic feature of an alkali metals is:ChemistryAptitude Test
The reaction of Sodium and Potassium is always:ChemistryAptitude Test
The lightest metal among these is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which alkali metal is most metallic in character?ChemistryAptitude Test
The word 'Alkali' in Alkali metals indicatesChemistryAptitude Test
The strongest reducing agent of the alkali metal ChemistryAptitude Test
The structure of Hydrogen Peroxide ChemistryAptitude Test
Best scientific method of test the presence of water in a liquid is:ChemistryAptitude Test
The reagent commonly used to determine the hardness of water titrimetrically is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Temporary hardness of water can be removed by:ChemistryAptitude Test

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