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Ortho and Para hydrogen atom differs in:ChemistryAptitude Test
In which application software Vlookup formula is used ? Computer SkillsAptitude Test
Operating system is _________between user and hardwareComputer SkillsAptitude Test
What will be output of this program Computer SkillsAptitude Test
Press Note 18 is related toGeneral KnowledgeAptitude Test
'Doping' most commonly involves the use ofGeneral KnowledgeAptitude Test
The WTO was created as a result of two conferences. Name themGeneral KnowledgeAptitude Test
Which was the first Indian private sector company to feature on Fortune magazine's Global 500 list?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
We are more likely to believe a story told by someone we consider _________ than someone we have learnt not to trust, so the reputation of the narrator ______ the storyEnglishAptitude Test
This will require a culture of __________ and should allow diversity to __________.EnglishAptitude Test
Dr. Verghese Kurien is known as the father of which the following in India?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Which of the following states has launched 'Dharitree' a Web Technology based on land record computerization programme?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Who amongst the following is the recipient of the highest US Civilian honour 'Congressional Gold Medal'?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Which of the following has become the 26th member of the ASEAN Regional Forum?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
HDFC bank offers a 1 year loan to a company at an interest rate of 20% payable at maturity, while Citibank offers on a discount basis at a 19% interest rate for the same period. How much should the HDFC bank decrease/increase the interest rate to match up the effective interest rate of Citibank?MathematicsAptitude Test
The quantity of water which flows through a pipe is proportional to the square of its diameter. If a pipe of cm diameter can fill a tank in hour, how long would 3 pipes of 1, 2 and 3 cms diameter together take to fill it?MathematicsAptitude Test
X and Y are two stations 500km apart. A train starts from X and moves towards Y at the rate of 20 km/hr. Another train starts from Y at the same time and moves towards X at the rate 30 km/hr. How far from X will they cross each other?MathematicsAptitude Test
In the crystal of Cesium chloride, the nearest neighbour of each cesium ion is:ChemistryAptitude Test
The correct statement regarding F-Centre is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Point Defects are present in:ChemistryAptitude Test
Absence of one cation and one anion in crystal lattice is:ChemistryAptitude Test
Due to Fenkel defect, the density of ionic solids gets:ChemistryAptitude Test
The flame colours of metal ions are due to:ChemistryAptitude Test
Frenkel and Schottky defects are:ChemistryAptitude Test
Schottky defect defines imperfection in lattice structure of:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which one of the following metal oxide is antiferromagnetic in nature:ChemistryAptitude Test
Which substance will conduct current in the solid state?ChemistryAptitude Test
Piezoelectric Crystals are used in:ChemistryAptitude Test
What type of solid crystals will conduct Heat and Electricity?ChemistryAptitude Test
Which one of the following shows electrical conduction?ChemistryAptitude Test
Certain crystals produce Electric signals on application of pressures. This phenomenon is:ChemistryAptitude Test
One among the following is an example of ferromagnetic compoundChemistryAptitude Test
Value of Heat of Fusion of Sodium Chloride isChemistryAptitude Test
Quartz have a crystalline variety of ChemistryAptitude Test
The characteristic features of solids ChemistryAptitude Test
22/7 is __________MathematicsAptitude Test
Π (pi) is __________MathematicsAptitude Test
A wooden slab is placed inside a water tumbler such that no space is left between the base of the slab and the tumbler. Will buoyant force act on the wooden slab?PhysicsAptitude Test
Which of the following places does the GT road in India connect? General KnowledgeAptitude Test
How many scheduled languages are there in India?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Which of the following is also known as the core of the Operating System?Computer SkillsAptitude Test
The default format of date in Base is?Computer SkillsAptitude Test
The _____ option lets you see the source code in Internet ExplorerComputer SkillsAptitude Test
Which of the following is the best known TCP/IP network?Computer SkillsAptitude Test
Which of the following movies in bollywood film industry has earned the highest profit?General KnowledgeAptitude Test
Personification in English means - EnglishAptitude Test
Why is the scrotum located externally from the body?Science [Overall Aptitude]Aptitude Test
Which of the following rules is considerable in the electric motor?PhysicsAptitude Test
Making a comulative frequency chart is most helpful in finding the ____ of a given statistical data.MathematicsAptitude Test
Which of the following is the oldest rock on the earth?GeologyAptitude Test

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