Dowry - A curse to Bihar and Jharkhand

I hope you all know what actually dowry is. I think one must be quite acquainted with this term if he/she resides in India or is a part of India. Well, if you don't know what is it, let me have the pleasure to explain it to you. It is a system in which the father of the boy asks money from the father of the girl to give or gift him money, for a successful marriage. Though it is not always forceful but it is often forceful. This system, namely Dowry, is popular all over the country but the two states - Bihar and Jharkhand are most badly affected by this poisonous tradition. Jharkhand is not constituted by exactly Biharis but more tribals so there is less flow of this system here, but Bihar is the worst affected state all over India.

Dowry has proved to be very fatal. From just mere breakage of marriages, it has led to dowry deaths. I would like to now explain the ferociousness of dowry deaths. One always wants to know how cruel humans can be, well, if really there is a desire as such, then come to Bihar and look to the cruel money eaters who burn women just due to the cause of dowry money. Not only before the marriage, there is so much insult of the girl's father, but even after the marriage, there are thousands of cases which tell us the story of dowry death. As per an average view of people, after the marriage, the family of the bridegroom starts to torture the girl, better say, "Bahu" of the girl to bring more money or goods in the form of dowry. When the girl fails to do so, they even tend to kill the girl just for that sum of money. And here goes the 'beautiful' definition for dowry death - A death of a person, mainly a girl, due to the cause of dowry is referred as dowry death.

We could easily witness, what harm dowry did to the society in India. It had created a reign of terror and seeing this government had banned this thing and had announced it to be a big problem in India and today is a crime to take or give dowry. But ignoring this fact, it is not wrong to say that even today, it persists to threat humanity. How can be someone so cruel that burn a person, just for the sake of money? Can anyone be so cruel that shoot one's wife just for dowry and just enjoy her burning or dying? This is what money can make one when it becomes a greed.

When asked my many old people that why take dowry, many of them say that it is just because it is the boys family only who is going to care for the bride in future, when she leaves her house and lives in the house of her husband. It is just like some money to care for her only, but people take it another way, they say. If this is so, that one is going to take money to use for the same person, then why use words like love and care. It is useless to be so. Some say that it is to meet the need of the father of the bridegroom just because he spends so much money to educate his child son. If this is true, then doesn't the girl's father spend money in educating his daughter, does the society let her buy everything for her daughter for free.

I simply don't think that anyone in this world who is in favor to take or give dowry can justify the cause of taking or giving dowry to the groom's father. It is simply a piece of what we call 'sin'. Dowry decreases the love and faith between families, the bride and the groom, the groom's mother and the bride and separates one from the society, when one disagrees to give dowry and many times, as seen, the groom's father tend to insult the family of the girl.

I have seen this so many times in the paper, that another girl suffered 'death' due to dowry and news such as this. If we read the newspaper, we can definitely find such a similar news every month. Due to such things and traditions, Bihar has lost it's good image in front of many unbiased states (in term of such discrimination). I think that it is we who can protest this, it's the people of Bihar and Jharkhand who can protest this.

I appeal everyone who read this article to oppose the discriminatory system of dowry. Remember : Dowry is a sweet poison, it kills who takes it, and also kills the one who gives.


Author: Pankaj Gupta30 Oct 2009 Member Level: Gold   Points : 1

This is not only in Bihar but every where in India and lots of cases are coming in newspaper daily against this.Hope one day it will be completely removed from our system.

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