Maoism - The Effect in Bihar and Jharkhand

Find complete information on Maoism , naxalites and maoists movement in Bihar and Jharkhad

Effects of Maoism in Bihar and Jharkhand

What is Maoism

Maoism is a theory based on the ideology of Mao Zedong, the communist leader of china. Maoism is based on the theory of conducting people's war against the government by the means of guerilla warfare. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) is such a non parliamentary party following the ideology of Mao to fight against the Democratic government. It has presence in the remote regions of Jharkhand, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh as well as the tribal dominated areas of Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Orissa.

Ideology and Politics of Naxalites, Maoists in BIhar & Jharkhand

The Maoist Ideology is based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and their primary aim is to establish a Government by the people to remove all the distinctions between the rich and poor. The Maoists believe the Government of the people can only be achieved by the means of an Armed Revolution which will overthrow the government and gain the administration of the country. They have a strong military wing with efficient weapons to fight for this cause and they follow Guerilla warfare techniques.

Causes of Maoism Growth

Many are the causes for the growth of Maoism in Bihar, Jharkhand and India. In the first stage the main factor which boosted up the growth of the CPI (Maoist) was the under development of the remote and tribal areas. The people of such areas were devoid of any basic amenities of life or development. The frustrated youth of these regions came under the influence of the Party of Maoists and joined them for fighting for the "Government of people".

Now the Maoists are using the cannibalism and brutal killings to shower fear in the minds of people. In tribal areas they are producing the fear in minds of people by beheading someone in the Public Place and other means of brutal killings. Now the killings by Maoists are a common thing in many areas.

Organizational Structure of Maoists in Bihar & Jharkhand

The Organization of CPI(Maoists) is perfect and they are using every means to achieve their goals. They have the support of the locals in many areas which is either by fear or by the interest for the cause for which the Maoists are fighting. A survey shows that even in Maharashtra about 5000 families agrees with the cause for which the Maoists are fighting.

The funding of maoists is mainly done through abductions, looting and such activities. This will help them to get good recourses for them to buy the ammunition they require from the other lands by the means of illegal transfers. The military hardware they use includes highly efficient AK 47 and Kalashnikov family guns and other powerful explosives like gelatin sticks etc.

The Maoist does not believe in the parliamentary system of government and wants to capture power by means of guerilla warfare. Their military strength is high and has well trained soldiers ready for fighting till their death for the cause of Maoism. Their main strategy of controlling areas is by building their camps in remote areas and transferring them into guerilla zones and then slowly attacking the neighboring places. Now it is known that they have also entered into alliance with the Lashkar-e-Taiyyeba to increase the militant activities in Jharkhand.

Maoist activities in Bihar

Bihar is a strong room for the left wing terrorism and many parts of the state are virtually ruled by the Maoists. Many government official are not allowed to enter their offices or do their duty because of the threat by the Maoists. Even the police are not spared. Many police stations like the Rajpur police station and the Baghalia outposts etc were attacked by the armed Maoists cadres and a lot of police officers were killed. As much as 480 people are killed in one year from the Maoist attacks in Bihar and Jharkhand.

The Maoists, not only claims their right on the lives of people but also their properties. This is a measure to disturb the economic conditions of the state. Many cases of looting and destruction of property have been reported. They hinder the working of the public sector and private sector industries. It was reported that the Maoists demanded the 10 % of total cost as levy from a contractor of Pradhanmanthri Gramin Sadak Yojana.

Although the Bihar police are doing a good job in bringing the Maoists under control, they are not so successful. The insurgency also hinders the development in many areas and the Government must take sudden action to prevent the Maoist Insurgency and give protection to the Life and property of the Individuals.


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