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History of Patna, Patliputra

Patna, the capital city of Bihar is one of the important cities of India. It is a city which has a glorious past associated with it. In ancient times Patna was known to the whole world as the great Patliputra, the store house of both wealth and knowledge. From here the ancient Vedic culture of India spread to the whole world. Here the travelers from other nations like Megesthenes and Hueng Tsang were welcomed and the world knew about the Indian culture and the great Patliputhra through them. There was a flow of people from all over the world for the sake of education and religion. The growth of Buddhism and Jainism, the major religions is associated with Patliputra.

Patna, Patliputra in ancient times

This great city has been a witness to the rise and fall of the various Empires of the history. The Sunga dynasty, Nanda's empire, Maurya Dynasty etc had their base in Patliputra, and this city was their capital. Patliputra raised to the top of its power and might during the reign of Ashoka the Great. In his time Patliputra was the capital of all India.

How Patna, Patliputra was built

It is believed that the city was built by the king Ajathashatru of the Sunga Dynasty. He constructed the city and fort in the junction of four rivers to prevent the attack of the Magadhs and other enemies. The city underwent radical changes during the reign of various kings. In the time of Mauryan empire the city consisted of majestic two storied buildings made of wood. Now it is difficult to even imagine such a city build of only wood.

How Patna, Patliputra during Ashoka period

Later during the reign of Ashoka he replaced the wooden buildings with that of stones and gave a new life and look to the city. The Muslim ruler Sher Shah Suri conquered the city later and built many forts and monuments in the city. The remaining walls of the forts built by Sher shah is still in many parts of the city.

How Patna, Patliputra rulers

Patna was given many names in the various periods of history by the rulers. The most ancient and popular name is Patliputra. It is to be noted that it is the only city in India with the name ending with 'Putra' which means the son. So it is believed that the Princess Patli gave birth to her son here and the royal family decided to stay in the city. So the city was called Pataliputra. Patna was also known as Pataligram, Patliputra, Kusumpur, Pushpapura, Azimbad and Patna.

How patna name came into being

The present day name Patna was given by the Afghan conqueror Sher Shah Suri.
Now Patna is the capital of the state Bihar and one of the booming business cities of India. It is in its way of becoming a metropolitan. Patna Regional Development Authority is established to speed up the Infrastructure development of Patna.

Famous Tourist spots in Patna

Patna is a heaven to the tourists. It is a city which have the most number of tourist destinations in a single city. It has attractions for the common tourists, for academicians, Historians, religious pilgrims and all type of tourists. So a lot of foreigners and the local tourists visit the city.

The main places of Tourists attractions in patnaare :

1) The Patna Museum

2) Har Mandir

3) Khuda Baksh Oriental Library

4) Patna Planetorium

5) Zoological & Botanical Garden

6) Hanuman Mandir

and a lot more. Patna ia also the base for Buddhist and Jain pilgrimage like Bodh Gaya, Sarnath, etc.

Hotels in Patna: A lot of good Hotels with grand facilities are available in Patna. One can chose a hotel of any class according to his needs. The major hotels in Patna are :

Hotel Maurya, Hotel Chanakya, Hotel PataLiputra Ashoka etc .

How to reach Patna

By Air : The airport provides good connection with the major cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Several government and private airlines operate from here. The International flights are mainly to Kathmandu.

By Rail : Bihar is a key railway station in eastern railway division.

By road : Bihar is well connected to the major cities of India by a good network of roads. The local road network of the state is also good and all the main places are connected to Ppatna by road.

So Bihar is grand city with a Proud past, a good present and an elegant future. Bihar should try to be the center of the world attraction as it was in the ancient period because it has the potential for it.

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