The Biggest Road Accident in Jharkhand - 30 Died

This is the biggest road accident in Jharkhand ever seen in Jharkhand. Here is a report to it.

January 14, 2010. The district known as Garhwa is badly popularized as the dump place of naxalites however, this post is not at all related to the effect of those people.

This post is related to the biggest road accident which ever happened in Jharkhand. So let me start for the bad news.

There were some laborers who were going from Dehri On Son to their villages, namely Rohtaas and Raina after cutting the paddy in the fields. They had reserved a truck on which about 350 sacs of rice crop and 50 laborers were sitting on that heap of sacs. The truck was going well but then on the slope of the Bhagwaan Ghati of Bhabnathpur and Ketar Marg, the brake of the truck failed and the truck became uncontrollable. Seeing this, the driver and the conductor of the truck ran away fearing the death and the truck fell in a seven feet deep pit.

As a result of this accident, 30 laborers died while 17 laborers are badly injured. They have been admitted in the Bhavnathpur hospital only. Thanks to the people of the Ketar village who managed to bring out the people who were down the fallen truck and they admitted them in the hospital too. As known according to the information given, this accident happened at around 12:30 pm in the Bhagvan Ghati. 28 laborers died on the spot. However, still there is a probability of more people to be under the truck which has fallen down. A JCB machine had been called to drag the truck out from that place.

I am very sad to tell you the names of the people who breathed their last in the accident -

1. Santosh Ram (28 years old)
2. Bhuneshwar Bhuian (60 years old)
3. Govind Bhuian (38 years old)
4. Wife of Govind Bhuian (35 years old)
5. Kid of Govind Bhuian
6. Kid of Govind Bhuian
7. Kid of Govind Bhuian
8. Subhash Bhuian (35 years old)
9. Kunti Devi (35 years old)
10. Sunaina Kumari (11 years old)
11. Mahadev Bhuian (30 years old)
12. Golu Kumar (5 years old)
13. Meena Devi (40 years old)
14. Bigan Singh (19 years old)
15. Chathni Kumari (8 years old)
16. Chandradec Singh (65 years old)
17. Baijnath Saao (35 years old)
18. Kaushalya Devi (30 years old)
19. Vipin Kumar (10 years old)
20. Babeeta Kumari (8 years old)
21. Sanjay Bhuian (25 years old)
22. Rekha Devi (20 years old)
23. Subhash Ram (35 years old)
24. Rajendra Bhuian (22 years old)
25. Daughter of Sanjay Bhuian (3 months old)
and some more people died in the accident who are not recognized by now.

Following are the names of the people who were injured in that accident.

1. Akshay Kumar (10 years old)
2. Sankuti Devi (20 years old)
3. Vijay Bhuian (26 years old)
4. Guddi Kumari (16 years old)
5. Lachcharwa Devi (30 years old)
6. Ramesh Ram (28 years old)
7. Shiv Bhuian (35 years old)
8. Dinesh Bhuian (24 years old)
9. Vijay Bhuian (26 years old)
10. Basanti Devi (25 years old)
11. Kalawati Devi (25 years old)
12. Dharmendra Bhuain (24 years old)
13. Jitendra Bhuian (25 years old)
14. Akhilesh Bhuian (25 years old)
15. Vinay Bhuian (26years old)
16. Raju Singh (25 years old)
17.and one more 30 aged person

The CM of Jharkhand has declared the relatives of the people who died will be paid sympathy with the delivery of Rs. 1 lakh. However, I think this money is not at all a form of sympathy enough for the people who died.


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