Bihar Assembly Election 2010 - Will Nitish Kumar win or not

This resource is about the coming Bihar Assembly Election 2010. Let us see whether Nitish Kumar wins or not.

As of now, (on November 24th, 3:45 PM), NDA (and hence Nitish Kumar) has won the Bihar Assembly Election 2010 and will be re-instantiated as the Chief Minister of Bihar soon.

I am sure that this topic is something about which the civic people talk everyday. I will be discussing on this topic in different paragraphs in this post. So let me start with the first given question that is 1. What would you think on coming election in Bihar? Result of coming election may have an affect on future growth in Bihar? Present rate of growth will be maintained in coming days?

I thing that the coming election on Bihar is going to make no difference, I mean the reults are not going to be of something really shocking because as far as my opinion is concerned, Nitish Kumar is the standing champion today and will be forever, if he continues to maintain the rate of work he does. Of course, according to me, if he wins, then the winds of Bihar are going be really cool.

If Nitish Kumar wins the election then of course, the growth rate will be maintained in the future, as per the working style of Nitish Kumar but as we know that nothing in this world is stationary, so is Nitish can hold his work style forever, then only the public is going to make him stand on their Raajgaddi. However, the contenders are only some, like Laalu, otherwise I cannot see any big face who can take a stand to contest the election and you know that it is an undoubted fact that people who have done something (good or bad) are only platformed in politics. So first of all people need to show their dedication towards this thing.

Now, I will be discussing the second question put up by our webmaster Ashish Sir, that is 2. Which Party win the election and why? Discuss.

Since I am in almost full favor of the person called Nitish Kumar, the CM of Bihar, so I would like his party to win. I mean, it is always a big pleasure for all the members of a party whose one of the members does really fine work and holds a place in the governmental panel as well as in the heart of the people. So since, his party and he has done really good work in his work time, I would like him and his party Janata Dal to win the election and I pray that once more Nitish Kumar wins the election so as to hold the CM chair. My wishes are always with the good leaders, nothing personal.

Now I will be answering the next question that is 3. Nitish Kumar as a Chief Minister is better for Bihar or not? Discuss.

I think I have made myself quite clear what I wish. I think Nitish Kumar is perfect as a Chief Minister. He is the man who changed Bihar from a state which other people thought of as ruined to a state from which the CMs of other state feel jealous today. I think that today if Bihar is among the most developing states, then the credit goes to basically two people, one is Mr. Laalu Prasad, who stands as an idol and as an ideal for many Biharis today even and the second one is Mr. Nitish Kumar.

Nitish Kumar did a lot for the state. It was because of him that today crime and criminals from Bihar have decreased a lot. It was him who is trying to turn up the capital of Bihar, that is Patna like a metro, trying to support all the small minorities as well as linking the major classes with the minor ones. I think he is the most deserving candidate to win the election.

Next, I am going to talk about 4. If you are allowed for voting, then you will give vote to which Party? Why you choose that particular Party? Discuss.

Since I am a person not eligible to cast a vote, because I am below 18, so I won't talk that deeply, but if I am allowed to vote, it would be none other than the Janta Dal, so if it wins, the public can still enjoy the rule of Nitish Kumar

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Who can best represent my constituency

Dr. Murari Mohan Jha
Indian National Congress (INC)

Shyam Bharti
Communist Party of India (M) (CPI(M))

Mandan Sahni
Janata Dal (United) (JD(U))

Hari Nandan Yadav
Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD)

Baidhnath Yadav
Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Liberation) (CPI (ML))

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