Nirupama Pathak - Murder Mystery of Koderma District

Recently, on 29th April, a very mysterious death of a girl, Nirupama Pathak was discovered. Her dead body was found in her house at Koderma district of Jharkhand itself and the parents are being suspected because they are known to be present during the death of their daughter. Read the full post to know the story of the murder case of Nirupama Pathak.

One of the hottest topics in the discussions is the Nirupama Murder Case of Koderma District of Jharkhand. Nirupama was a girl who had her family base in Koderma and recently, she faced a bad and mysterious death. Here is a total description about the murder case; however, nothing about the murderer has yet been unveiled.

When did Nirupama Pathak die?

It was a bit too recently, on April 29, 2010, when the corpse of dead Nirupama Pathak was found. Her corpse was discovered nowhere else but in her own house. When the neighbors came to know this, they were dumbstruck to know that their neighbor had finally died.

How did she die?

Nirupama Pathak was killed, and her parents knew this. When the neighbors asked how Nirupama Pathak died, her parents said that she died out of an electric shock but to their surprise, there were no naked electric wires, no wrong kind of switches nor there were any sort of signs of electric shock on the body of Nirupama Pathak. People began doubting on their parents from that time only but then next, when the police came, the mother of Nirupama Pathak said that the reason to her death was suicide and that she killer herself leaving a suicide note also.

However, the mother was changing her words in front of the police several times so the police arrested mother of Nirupama Pathak on the basis of suspicion. Now that the body of Nirupama Pathak was sent for postmortem, it was discovered that neither of the two were the causes of Nirupama Pathak's death – neither she had died out of electric shock nor she died of suicide, but the reason to her death was something else – she had been murdered. This was confirmed seeing the scars on the body of Nirupama Pathak. Yes, Nirupama Pathak was killed by someone. Now who killed her and why?

The Story Behind Nirupama Pathak's Murder

It was that since June 29, 2008, Nirupama Pathak went for interview in a famous institute of Mass Communication in Delhi. On that very day, she and another guy, named Priyabhanshu Ranjan met. They both got the admission later on. However, they both came close and then what we call – love, was born between them and they got indulged. Priyabhanshu Ranjan wanted to excel in newspaper mass communication while, Nirupama, the history girl, wanted to get herself in TV thingy. However, both of them belonged to different castes, Nirupama belonging to a higher caste. Both of them were in love and after they both got jobs, they had planned to get married against their parents consent. However, Nirupama Pathak did not agree to this proposal of Priyabhanshu Ranjan. Though the parents were not agreed to this, Priyabhanshu and his friends had planned their marriage in a nearby temple in Delhi itself, but Nirupama did not agree.

Somehow, the father of Nirupama Pathak, Mr. Dharmendra Pathak came to know about this. However, he did not go violent at the moment, but then he began sending letters to his daughter consoling her for not neglecting the bounds of the society and that she should not marry that guy. Later on, Nirupama was told that her mother, Shubha Pathak was ill and that she should come home (Koderma) to meet her. She went. However, next, she was to return back to Delhi on April 29, but Alas! She did not go, but the news of her death go there.

Possible Reasons for death of Nirupama Pathak

There could be various reasons for the death of Nirupama Pathak but the very first fingers get turned towards the parents of the girl, Mr. Dharmendra Pathak and Mrs. Shubha Pathak. They were present when Nirupama died. Most of the fingers are pointed on them on the base of possibility that they did not want their daughter to marry Priyabhanshu Ranjan so they killed her. Plus, both of them were acting in a suspicious manner, with Mrs. Shubha Pathak giving various reasons for the death of her daughter. When the report of the postmortem came, the doctors wanted an answer that why the parents of the girl did not give them the time of the death. Most of the suspicion points towards the parents of the girl because of their act, and they are on the verge of getting behind the bars, with the mother already behind the bars.

Also, they came to know that Nirupama was pregnant from her boyfriend but Priyabhanshu says that he never knew this and Nirupama never told her this. The possible reason is that when the parents of Nirupama came to know this, they feared the outrage of their society, so brought her own daughter to demise.

How can anyone even think to hurt his/her child, but see, here at Koderma, as it looks, the parents of Nirupama Pathak have killed their own child merely for not facing the laughter of the society. Is this what the religion and the caste system is made for, why doesn't the caste system die, and till when Nirupamas will die merely out of the caste and grade thing. Well, the father of Nirupama also commented about the caste difference so it looks more that the parents are surely indulged in the murder. However, sources say that there can be some more new faces in the murder mystery of Nirupama Pathak.

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