Nalanda University of India a Buddhist center which was center of knowledge and learning.

This article is on the famous Nalanda University of Bihar. It comprises of the basic history of Nalanda University, the Nalanda University building, Nalanda University courses, etc. This article deals with the reason which has made India famous around the globe, and has been the reason of the foreigners coming in here.

Greece has produced philosophers but India had many noted people in every field who are still famous in the world. The Great Ashoka who taught the meaning of peace to this world, being a king he renounced his wealth and royal life to give people of the world a teaching of a different kind. People like Gautam Buddha, Mahvir Jain, Nizamuddin Auliya, Guru Nanak, etc were and are the one who envisage the world and provided the doctrine of love and universal brotherhood.

India has been the land for learning since the yester years. It has attracted many people toward its lands which has been providing knowledge and other know-how to them. India has been the land not only related to knowledge but was also famous for its natural wealth, which added to the pomp and show of the grandeur of the rulers.

It is only because of the education has been the integral part of our country. Since the years together people have been providing teaching to the world in many ways. The most important and the evident place to prove this is the Nalanda University which was the center of learning in the period of before Christ.

History of Nalanda University

This was the university which was in the period Kumar Gupta II which is 1197 EC. Word Nalanda means Insatiable in giving and thus this university attracted people from both far and wide. A Chinese traveler and a monk Xuanzang (Hiun Tsang) also studies in this university in 637. The peak time of this university attracted the scholar from not only China but also from the land of knowledge Greece and Persia. It was the first ever residential universities of the world. It had the capacity of accommodating about 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers at a time.
Many Buddhist monks have been associated with this great university one of them being Sariputta. This has been one of the greatest universities in the world and has the records available. This university was patronized by the Buddhist Emperor Harsha and later by the different Emperors of the Pala Empire.

Library of Nalanda University

It had a huge library regarding which one can only understand about its size and quantity of book that it was set fire by the invaders. This library was burning for about three day continuously. This library building was having nine stories holding meticulous copies of texts. King Harsha had granted 20 villages to the university which were the sole provider of essential commodities to the university.

Building of Nalanda University

It was constructed in to the area of 150,000 square metres. This was a masterpiece in its own having lofty and huge wall preventing pupil to move out and had only one gate. This university consisted of ten temples and eight separated compounds. There were about 20 meditation halls other than the regular classrooms.
Hiun Tsang in his detailed account has mentioned Nalanda to be a might ocean of knowledge which attracted all from far and wide. The area was like a red flower emitting fragrance of knowledge.
This description is understood when one personally has a look to the ruins of this great university.

Courses and Curriculum of Nalanda University

According to the Tibetan doctrines there are four doxographies and were taught at Nalanda, which as under:
Sarvastivada Vaibhaṣika
Sarvastivada Sautrantika
Madhyamaka, the Mahayana philosophy of Nagarjuna
Cittamatra, the Mahayana philosophy of Asaṅga and Vasubandhu

Courses offered at Nalanda University were drafted from every field of learning. Students studied science, astronomy, medicine, and logic. Other subjects that were part of the curriculum of Nalanda were: Metaphysics,
Yoga-shastra, the Veda,
Scriptures of Buddhism,
Foreign philosophy likewise.

Location of Nalanda University

You probably might be looking for the answer to question How to reach Nalanda University? Nalanda University is located about 89 kms of Patna on the south east side. Till the present times 90% of the remains have been excavated. These excavated ruins are a tell tale of the planning and the architecture of this huge university. Today the nearest habitation is a village called Bargaon.

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