Festival of Bihar & Jharkhand

You can get complete information about Festival of Bihar & Jharkhand and with how they are celebrated along with information on rituals followed while celebrating Festival in Bihar & Jharkhand

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History, story of Harihar nath temple in Bihar and Gajendhra Moksha

History and story of Gajendhra Moksha and Harihar nath temple in sonepur Bihar can be found here. Harihar Nath temple in Bihar was built by Lord Rama, while going in the swayambar of Sita Mata. People perform puja at harihar nath temple when to come to sonepur mela and take dip in holy rive at the meeting place of ganga and Gandak.

Sonepur Mela, cattle fair in Bihar: highlights, history and attractions

History, highlights and attractions of sonepur cattle fair (sonepur mela of Bihar) can be found here. Sonpur Mela is the biggest cattle fair of Asia and it is celebrated in the month of October-November. There are many facilities like swiss cottage for foreigners or big people for them to enjoy the celebrations of Sonpur Mela with all the facilities. Haathi Bazaar in sonepur mela is the main attraction.

Valentine day bash 2012 in Patna at Ghar Aangan by addiction

Patna Valentine day 2012 events and celebration is organized at Ghar Aangan resort by addiction. This is best Valentine day party in Patna for young couples. This Valentine day 2012 celebration in Patna will be on 14th Februray. So give you valentine best gift for this year valentine day.

Chhath puja 2011 dates

Important dates of Chhath puja 2011 is from 30th October 2011 to 2nd November 2011. Find the details of Chhath puja vrat 2011 dates and its celebration in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Chhath puja is and important festival in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

Diwali celebration in Ranchi

Get information about diwali celebration in Ranchi. Diwali just Knocking up the doors, residents have started cleaning up their surroundings. Thus this diwali hope for a cleaner city.

Jivitputrika Vrat Puja

Jivitputrika vrat puja is celebrated in Bihar-Jharkhand by mothers for the well being of their sons. Jivitputrika vrat is a very popular and traditional festival celebrated all over India, but with too much zest in Bihar - Jharkhand.

Ramanavami of Hazaribag

Ramanavami is a very special festival in Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. However, the existence of this festival starts from the city of mini kashmir - Hazaribag. So here is a description of what actually Ramanavami is.

Sarhul Stories Related with Life Struggle

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Life Struggle Related Sarhul Traditional Stories

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Sarhul Traditional Stories - Nature Related

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Nature Related Sarhul Traditional Story

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Sarhul - The Festival of Jharkhand

Jharkhand is a place of the tribal people and Sarhul is the main festival of the tribes in Jharkhand which they celebrate with great pomp and show. Here is merely an introduction to the festival.

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