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Apple iPhone 5 in India Wishlist

In this article i am going to sort list the wish list for the iPhone 5 which is rumored everywhere that in this summer its going to be launched, Even till we did not have any official information.

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date and Availability in India

In this resource, you can know about the Apple iPhone 5 release date and availability in India. Some say that the release date of Apple iPhone 5 is June 5, 2011 but there is no news from Apple, so nothing is officially announced or certified yet. However, you can read the resource for more details about the Apple iPhone 5 release date and availability.

Apple iPhone 5 Storage Features in India

The Apple iPhone 5 is expected to come in the market by the end of June. In this resource, you can know details about the storage space and storage features in Apple iPhone 5 when it arrives in India.

Apple iPhone 5 Screen Features in India

Apple iPhone 5 is the next upcoming version of iPhone, the smartphone. In this resource, you will know more about the screen of iPhone 5, things like screen color of Apple iPhone 5, screen resolution of Apple iPhone 5, retina display in Apple iPhone 5, etc.
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