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Recipe for Badam Halwa & Recipe for Peda

As the festive season is on, the most demanded thing during this season are sweets of various types. In this resource, we have the recipe for making Badam Halwa.

Jalebi - Bihar Cuisine Sweet

In this article we will get the history of jalebi and its recipe. Jalebi is the national sweet of India and is very endemic to Bihar Cuisine. You will see Jalebi in almost all the sweet shops of bihari Cuisine

Balushahi - A famous sweet of Bihar

Balushahi a delicate sweet of a village Runni Saidpur in Sitamarhi. In this resource, you will come to know about how to make balushahi, ingredients of Balushahi

How to prepare Litti Chokha Recipe?

One of the most important delicacy of Bihar Cuisine. It is called Litti Chokha and it is very famous in south india also. I am here to tell you how to make Litti chokha.

Motichoor Ka Ladoo

This is an another sweet delicacy of bihar. It is a sweet which is popular all over India and it is an indigenous sweet dish for Bihar. Learn how to make motichoor ka ladoo in this resource.
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